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Better to Light One Candle Than to Curse the Darkness

“If You’re Going To Be In Love, Be In Love!”


Wonderful advice on relationships (and life) from an interview with occultist Genesis Breyer P-Orridge.

There’s a piece of advice from Lady Jaye that you have used quite often: “See a cliff, jump off.” What advice would you give to people that see the cliff, but are too afraid to jump?

What a good question! Gosh dear, it’s easy—you jump! If you’re going to be in love, be in love! But be in unconditional love—not pretend unconditional. People hesitate because they think, “What if it doesn’t work out? What if something happens to the person I love?” That’s when you’ve already been defeated by your own fear. Most of us live lives, myself included, touched by fear. You have to take the risk of being hurt.

Could we have said, “Oh, we best not fall in love with Lady Jaye because we will grieve for years and years?” Well, then we would not have been able to enjoy the incredible highs and lows together. Who really loses out: the person who decides not to jump, or the person who says, “Fuck it all! Fuck them all! I’m going!” Once you say fuck it, you learn how vibrant and appealing and fantastical the world really becomes.

A wonderful question and a great response.

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